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Managed Design can help your company critically examine current practices, infrastructure, and competencies to discover how strategic changes can affect your bottom line. Our consultants are committed to understanding your current processes and implementing solutions that will improve your company’s performance. By working with Managed Design, firms practicing architecture, engineering, construction, and surveying as well as building owners and managers find ways to increase productivity and decrease costs.

Featured Consulting Solutions Include:


Some design and engineering challenges require more than simple training and basic tech support. These may include tackling projects with tight deadlines, working under different requirements than normal, or using a new design tool like Revit or InfraWorks for the first time on a major project. Managed Design’s skilled specialists have a wide array industry and technical expertise available to help your team as needed.

Data Conversion

Data format problems can bring any project to an immediate and costly stand still. The time and resources necessary to convert data from one format to another are not always readily available to design and engineering firms.  Managed Design has both the technology and the expertise to move your data into the format you require quickly while maintaining quality and fidelity.  

We can help with bi-directional conversions of:
  • Paper to Electronic
  • Raster to Vector
  • 2D to 3D
  • CAD to BIM
  • Version to Version
  • Any Format to PDF

Systems Integration

Storing data in separate and disconnected systems dramatically reduces the organizational value of that data. The process of transferring data from one system into another is time consuming, error prone and expensive. Managed Design provides seamless integration between mission critical systems allowing you to leverage your data easily and efficiently.

Document Management

Autodesk and Bluebeam offer a variety of solutions that strategically leverage engineering content to enhance, automate and streamline business processes throughout the information lifecycle. It more important than ever for people and organizations to collaborate with each other. We can help make sure ideas, projects, documents and data are shared and distributed safely and efficiently.

Custom AutoCAD and Revit Programming

We understand that out-of-the-box solutions may not provide the exact functionality your organization requires. Most technology today allows for customization to close the gap between a product's core functionality and your requirements. Managed Design’s consultants and programmers possess the skills to help facilitate the bridging that gap. 

Software Troubleshooting

Unforeseen technical issues can destroy your organization's productivity in an instant. Immediate, expert troubleshooting can dramatically reduce your downtime and put your project back on track for a fraction of the cost of developing inefficient workarounds or letting the problem persist.

Software User Assessment Testing

Understanding the technical abilities of current and potential staff is vital for any organization. This knowledge will increase your ability to make informed decisions about training requirements, hiring and staffing, project organization and company reorganizations.

Managed Design can assist you in assessing the software aptitude of current and prospective employees. Using personal interviews, hands-on exercises, and written examinations we can give you the information you need to make decisions regarding the most important aspect of your organization, your staff.


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