Bluebeam Studio Product Matrix

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Bluebeam Studio software is available in three different versions: Studio, Studio Prime, and Studio Enterprise. Learn more about the features included in each version below.


Studio Prime
Studio Enterprise
Access Sessions, set user and group permissions and send Markup Alerts to users. Check Box Icon Check Box Icon Check Box Icon
Access Projects, set folder-based and user and group permissions, and share links to uploaded files. Check Box Icon Check Box Icon Check Box Icon
Receive Project and Session email notifications and daily summary updates on Studio activity. Check Box Icon Check Box Icon Check Box Icon
Render large format PDFs instantaneously with Studio GO for quicker access to Project and Session documents while on the mobile app. Check Box Icon Check Box Icon Check Box Icon
Control user access to the Studio Platform from an administrative level.   Check Box Icon Check Box Icon*
Enable software client integrations with the Bluebeam Studio API to support document processing workflows and collaboration with other proprietary DMS.   Check Box Icon  
Generate and view in-depth reports and gain visibility into Studio usage.    Check Box Icon  Check Box Icon*
Configure watched folders to automate source-file-to-PDF conversion and manipulation.   Check Box Icon  
Enable Active Directory integration to support single sign-on through Bluebeam Revu.      Check Box Icon
Host Studio on your local server to gain access to deleted Projects, password complexity options and default server permission settings.      Check Box Icon


*Functionality varies between Studio options.

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