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Taking traffic sign design and reporting in CAD drawings to a whole new level.


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Place traffic sign assemblies. Design road markings and overhead sign supports. Build interactive plans of sign placements. Evaluate sign designs in CAD drawings and much more.

Autosign Features:

Traffic Signs

Create conceptual and physical designs by offering a wide range of options for almost any type of design scenario. Select (and then position) traffic signs from a library containing regulatory, warning, informational, directional and other signs related to roadway geometry. Create detailed road sign reports complete with user comments.

Road Markings

Develop and accurately place road lines and crossroad markings, stripes, ghost islands hatches, lane direction arrows and more using Autosign’s interactive tools. 

Road Sign Gantry and Sign Portals

Designing road sign gantries is made easier with Autosign thanks to the various geometrical options and sizes offered to fit a wide range of possible roadway layouts. You can not only easily customize the geometry of overhead sign supports, but also edit overhead sign support positions dynamically to accommodate any type of road geometry.

Autodesk Compatible

Grading tools enable you to create 3D projection polylines from any polyline or feature line.

3D Traffic Signs and Road Markings

Enhance your designs by creating 3D views of traffic signs, road markings, and/or overhead sign supports on any 3D face surface, CGS plus surface, or AutoCAD Civil 3D surface. This allows you to analyze layout designs and inspect sign visibilities in 3D, but also check for other potential problems using a multi-dimensional view. 

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